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I wore out a set of traditional spurs and bought a new set that I thought were about the same .

One of my horses became very nervous and jumpy under saddle . I am not the sharpest tack in the box , so it took several rides for me to connect the behavior to the new spurs. I ordered a set of western Spursuaders and the change was immediate , and very dramatic . Just wanted to let you know that your Spursuaders are the greatest product I have ever ordered!

To avoid surprises and unwarranted stress, call ahead to the show committees if you have any questions about anything. The mules hang out all year and work a very little while during tobacco season. I love them and learned a lot from a book you wrote and also from a magazine put out by the American Donkey And Mule Society.

Click on the title below to see the complete question and answer. I hope you can help me stop abuse of the pulling mules at the Colombia, TN Mule Days Celebration. My husband and I went last year for the first time last year and all was well until we watched the pulling contest.

Make sure that you have properly conditioned your equine for the classes you enter to make his showing experience positive and happy. Check rulebooks to be prepared, and check all tack, equipment, facilities and vehicles to avoid unwanted interruptions to your showing routine, so your equine can remain calm and obedient while showing.

Be sure all veterinary paperwork is in order to prevent the spreading of disease.

The Spursaders did an excellent job all 'round, giving a good reaction without undue resistance, with almost no risk of catching or rubbing the horse. I ride my Quarter Horse, Jack, both Western and Hunt Seat.

Rather than the usual low profile spur neck they have a silver dollar sized disc on the back, designed to provide a larger, softer contact surface.

The good news is that once they're on and you're on the horse they are significantly less noticeable.

There are more mule and donkey shows now than ever before, so it should not be too difficult to find shows to attend in your area.

Also, many horse events are accepting mules and donkeys, but call ahead as a courtesy to those putting on the show.

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The horses were locked in a barn living in deplorable conditions for at least three years, never seeing the light of day.

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