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An opinion poll has suggested sharply divided opinions among the public in China after reports revealed that some female college students had to pose apparently naked holding their ID cards in order to get a loan.

The reports earlier this month said the people or groups lending the cash used the photographs as form of insurance or threat, saying they would publish the pictures if the debts were not paid back by the students or their parents.

These predators know what to say, how to act and what they want.

The kids may think they can handle the situation, experts say, but they can be up against seasoned internet lurers.

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Some said the case reflected falling moral standards.These predators are prepared to travel to meet their victims, so the problem is not always a localized one. Parents must be extra vigilant on this internet front line, experts say.What to look for One major problem is that most of the time parents don't know when their kids are in trouble. Although tips to officials have saved some children, police sometimes are only called in when it's too late, for example, when a child has run off to meet an adult they may have been chatting with online for months. Before you register or participate in this site in any manner, you should read the rules all the way through to ensure you will be able to abide by them. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these rules as well as our Terms of Service.

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