Is ashley and jared still dating

Prior to start of the season, Ashley Salter of The Bachelor, season 19 was offered a spot to join the show during that season's Women Tell All and later accepted the offer.

brings her sister Lauren, Juelia, Kirk, Dan, Jillian, JJ, Ashley S. gets a rose, Lauren will get to stay even if she doesn't get one and vice versa.After Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti went on an overnight date, Jared's not sure their connection is where it needs to be.Ashley is sad, once again, to lose the man she thinks is perfect in every way.Women (9): Lace, Amanda, Jen, Carly, Caila, Izzy, the twins, and Ashley. Brett wanted to take Izzy but she was “coupled” with Vinny and said no.However, she was interested in Brett and that caused tension with her and Vinny.

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