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Now 75 and a retired RAF pilot, he has four grown-up children and lives in Sussex with his wife, Sue.Here he tells how he survived two years in a Japanese Po W camp.

It was the early 1920s and Masao had dreams for the future—and a fascination with the politics and opportunities of a world that was changing every day.

Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which eventually led to the legal internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans during the World War II era.

"Makes me feel sort of sad when I think of what we went through," Marion Takehara has lived in Texas for almost 40 years, but as a teenager, her family was displaced from California.

In “Schoolgirls for Sale,” a new documentary from VICE News, reporter Simon Ostrovsky travels to Tokyo to investigate the sordid business of “Joshi kousei.” “Joshi kosei,” or JK, translates as “high school girl” and describes an entertainment subculture whose stars are adolescent girls dressed in school uniforms.

JK bands sing and dance to crowds of (mostly older) men, who can pay to meet the girls after the show.

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