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Ran into your article, Dating the Book of Revelation, on the net.The Hegesippus evidence is actually addressed in John AT Robinson's "Redating the New Testament." Both Domitian and Nerva were in Rome during 69 and 70 AD, while Vespasian and Titus were campaigning in [email protected] Well, the Revelation to S John the Divine is generally believed to have been written between AD70 and AD95.But you're right that beyond superficial relative dates, there is very little evidence at all as to the actual date of any book.The dating of the New Testament is a matter of some controversy, so there is no consensus answer to the question of which ones were written after the destruction of the temple.(The Old Testament books were of course written well before).

(3) With regard to the arguments for a post-70 date for Luke, the first assumes Mark was not written before A. Is it really plausible to think that Mark would wait decades before writing his brief gospel, which would be so valuable in sharing and leaving with newly established churches as the gospel preachers went about teaching and preaching? As a matter of fact, Jesus’ prophecies are actually evidence that the gospels were written before A. 70, for Luke never casts the Romans in the role of enemies in his writings. Besides that, we have Josephus’s descriptions of the sacking of Jerusalem in A. 70, and many of the striking peculiarities of the city’s destruction are absent from the prophecies.Warner Wallace in making the case for an early dating of both the Gospels and the epistles.The following is William Lane Craig’s analysis and refutation of the assumptions which have been, and continue to be, assumed by many New Testament critics to support a late (post-AD 70) dating of the Gospels. 70 because he probably used Mark’s gospel as one of his sources and Jesus’ “predictions” of Jerusalem’s destruction look back on that event.It is unfortunate that Robinson would take the admittedly vague statements of Origen and Tertullian as more creditable over the unrepudiated statements of Hegesippus and Victorinus. Edmundson points out that Domitian served as a de facto emperor for the first half of A. However, this theory does not account for the statements of Irenaeus and Eusebius. He also records that John returned from Patmos after the death of Domitian (A. Concerning the theory that Domitian and Nerva were in Rome at an earlier date, Robinson addresses this issue as well. Irenaeus said John wrote the book of Revelation toward the end of Domitians reign who died while serving as emperor in 96 A. (Against Heresies, V, xxx, iii, ANF, I, 559-560.) Eusebius records that John was banished to Patmos during Domitians 15th year of reign (A.

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