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According to The Sun on Sunday, Rachel said: ‘I offered him a quiet place to get away from it all – somewhere he could relax and have peace. Jude spoke to me in French and told me many beautiful things.’ The paper claims the pair first met when they were stuck in traffic near their homes in the upmarket area of Belsize Park, London in 2013.They got chatting through their car windows and Jude asked for her mobile number, allegedly striking up a text flirtation which went on for a year before they finally met up.So it came as a huge shock to Rachel when Jude was pictured with stunning blonde Phillipa, especially since the pair are reported to have been in constant communication up until then. I mean, if you met Jude and he hit on you (which he apparently does with most women), what would be your expectation going into that flirtation?Rachel allegedly phoned the Alfie actor to confront him after seeing the pictures, after which he sent her a text apologising for the way in which she found out. Would you simply shut him down, knowing that he’s a walking petri dish of strange?And then there's poor Mel B, whose nanny actually attempted to blackmail her! CLICK HERE to view "Hollywood's Most Notorious Nannies! • Kara Dio Guardi • Lea Michele • For Reals Estate • Jason Segel • Chord Overstreet • Melissa Mc Carthy • Dianna Agron • Brian Atwood • Ali Larter • Connie Britton • Nostalgia • Judd Apatow • James Corden Celebs are known to have lavish mansions and fancy homes all to themselves. Ashley Tisdale is wondering that, too, but apparently she thinks it's Fifth Harmony should know better!" CLICK HERE to view "Hollywood's Most Notorious Nannies! But most A-listers weren't always living the lifestyle of the rich and famous! " [ Celebrity model kids will seriously inherit the Earth. They're damned if they do but damned if they don't, but better to do than not! Or maybe it's just too easy to find those who want to play some hanky-panky! The Disney star does a great job too, looking like a real natural in front of the camera. Despite all the drama and heartache, the beauty revealed she still has a lot of love for her ex: Wow! Taylor Swift has dropped new music, and amid all the energy and excitement around that, we've been left to wonder whether her long-standing feud with Katy Perry is actually over.

:-DKenneth Branagh is a truly great and gifted actor... the only guy who does Shakespeare in a way that I understand and love almost every minute of it..even he is abit too... He has amazing talent and is far superior to Jude Law in every single way possible. what I'm saying is that it's IMpossible for Depp to be superior to Jude Law in some of the roles Jude gets... Mind took me a age to get hold of it after the "censorship gang" made it banned in the UK, after a shed load of people decided to copy the film and do there own ram raids... hey Larra mentioned exestenze...i thought that was an old seventies film with James wood in it..." Long live the new flesh", and all that stuff???

Jude Law has agreed to perform at the Hay Festival as part of the Letters Live event (last year Benedict Cumberbatch headlined Letters Live at Hay for a similar event, now a hit in the West End) – and, over tea in a hidden corner of a Soho restaurant, he is telling me about his love of books.

The conversation is not quite Desert Island Books (“I’m rubbish at lists,” he says), not really a biography in reading (it’s not systematic enough for that), and not exactly a peek inside his library (we are, after all, in a restaurant) – but it ends up being something like all of those.

ben Affleck, matt Damon, Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp; (Hey, they've all got talent, but you know what I'm saying is true. I his charactor could have been more ellaborated on..acting was a bit superficial "Wooden" or is that "Metal".

He doesn't look like a little boy like alot of the current (mostly american) actors.. As for Jude law he's a fine actor i like him in 'Closer' with Natalie Port Man for he was wasted in A.

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