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But Scott Pinsker, branding and crisis communications expert, explained that while Harvey’s public persona might be in some trouble, it is still salvageable.“Steve Harvey will survive his ill-advised Asian joke.Another big name was added to the Petraeus affair scandal this week when whistleblower Jill Kelley hired D. political powerhouse and famed spin-doctoring “fixer” Judy Smith as a consultant. Smith was brought on to specifically help Lewinsky navigate through the media blitz on Lewinsky’s life after the scandal. She Did PR for Michael Vick What does this have to do with the case?Smith is a huge name when it comes to politics and her addition to the story makes the Petraeus saga feel less like real life and more like a crappy made-for-TV movie. Absolutely nothing BUT Vick stands out amongst Smith’s long list of A-list clients.When the TV series Scandal first aired in 2012, crisis comms expert Judy Smith, accustomed to helping others get out of a pickle, found herself trying to control the narrative about her own image.Scandal protagonist Olivia Pope is partially based on Smith’s former career as a press aide to President George HW Bush.

On January 17, the "Family Feud" host admitted he made a mistake when commenting on his talk show that black and white women do not find Asian men appealing."She told me, ' I'm thinking that I'm gonna create a character where a president is involved. I'm thinking of sort of a different storyline, one where the two of you are close,' " Smith said, noting that she told Rhimes she had, in fact, remained close with the president over the years. And by the way, this is the former leader of the free world. This is why I’m calling you now: You need some talking points."[Rhimes] said, ' No, actually, sex.' I said, ' With the president? You need to stay on message." Read more 30 of Shonda Rhimes' Stars Respond to New York Times' "Angry Black Woman" Column His response?Who is Judy Smith and why does she turn the Petraeus story into a Lifetime movie? Judy was brought on to help the NFL QB during Vick’s “puppy-gate” scandal back in 2007. She also did PR for Larry Craig, Wesley Snipes and Kobe Bryant Smith’s list of clients is both impressive and really diverse. Some of her major work included PR guidance during the Clarence Thomas nomination, PR consulting during the Gulf War and dealing with US-Kuwaiti relations. She Worked for Monica Lewinsky in the Clinton Scandal Judy was Monica Lewinsky’s lawyer during the fallout from her relationship with President Clinton.

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On Friday, Smith told an audience at the Nantucket Project, a conference centering on art and commerce, about her initial conversations with Rhimes about the show's storyline.

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