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Nikki was glad that Abby and Victor were in a good place, but she cautioned that her own splintered family proved that it might not last very long.

Zack entered, and Abby introduced him to Nikki as her business partner who was helping her move in. Zack teased Abby for owning thousands of business books, and she went to get some shelf paper that she'd left in the car.

Abby added that Nick and Christian had moved in with Chelsea, and Nikki was irritated that no one had told her.

Nikki questioned Abby's choice to live there, knowing what Victor had done to Nick.

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Her successful 3-D concert film collected .3 million during its opening weekend in February 2008., featuring previously unseen photos, family stories and "a look at her inner circle of loved ones." In a statement around this time, Cyrus said of the book, "I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me.Abby said it meant a lot to her to feel like she was officially part of the family, although she hated that it had been at Nick's expense.Nikki admonished Victor for being vindictive, but Abby recounted that the move hadn't seemed to bother Nick.His phone rang, and he smiled when he realized that the call was from a hot blogger who wanted to interview him.Abby returned and overheard as Zack said he wasn't ready to blast to the blogger's two million subscribers yet.

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