Kaufman the dating game

After Kaufman got into a shoving match with the cast and crew, the show abruptly cut to commercials.

When invited back next season, he took a different tack.

Note at his convincingly guileless inability to understand the rules of the show, responding to the prompt “I’ll do anything for you, except—“ with “Except ?

” There’s no break in character, no laughing that gives the game away.

Click through the slides to see who went on air to see if they could find the man or woman of their dreams.Jim Lange, who died of a heart attack Tuesday at age 81, hosted many game shows during his decades-long career, but it was his work on "The Dating Game" that made him the most famous.Lange was the first host of this enduring singles' program, and his run lasted from 1965 to 1980.These guests were either huge stars before their appearance or after their appearance.And one made news for reasons having nothing to do with show business.

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