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Years of studying it and most foreigners and westerners have still only scratched the surface of what makes Lao girls tick, and much of it is to do with our Lao culture.Cross-cultural relationships statistically have far more stresses than those of relationships between the same culture, so if you're not willing to adapt yourself to her culture (as she will adapt herself to yours), you really are on the road to impending doom. Hollywood sweetheart Judy Garland became an instant superstar for her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.Visit our sister website today as we pay tribute and respect to the world's greatest entertainer!One must behave in accordance with proper Buddhist conduct with a view to one's next incarnation.In spite of this general posture of acceptance, the Lao believe their world is in constant flux with one incarnation flowing into the next. If things are not okay at this time, maybe they will be better later, or in the next incarnation.But the more you learn and become aware of them, the better you will be able to cope as you go about your life and work in the Lao PDR.

Events, for better or for worse, are often related to one's previous incarnation and are therefore accepted without challenge or emotion.

Sometimes expressions capture the essence of a culture.

Two frequently used Lao expressions are the responses bo penh nyang and thammadha.

They asked me if I were okay, but both were laughing.

In the end, I joined them in doing so, feeling the back of my head to where a small lump was forming.

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