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I'll second this, the quality overall is better than say pof for instance, but there's a noticable shortage of hotties interestingly, many of the women i've come across are reasonably fit/slim/athletic but with quite plain faces, not many who i would describe as cute or pretty here's a suggestion, if you are into music set up a profile and check for any gigs in/near the locations you are going to be in then have a look at the other users who are attending the gig and hit them up saying 'hey i noticed you're going to see 'artist name' too, etc' and often you will get some kind of reply (particularly if you're not from the country itself i find) and you can angle it towards meeting up before the gig, maybe ask her to bring a couple friends too, and go from there the quality at some of these gigs can be surprisingly good, especially if you're into any of arty/hipster/alt/goth chicks indie acoustic singer songwriter guys often do well in germany eg. The Munich Group is very active and has events about every week. @woot Dude, I have pulled tons of women on My Space back when it was still popular. I'd have chics randomly messaging me because they found me interesting. If myspace was still big, I'd use that to pipeline when I went overseas.

guys like william fitzsimmons/iron & wine/ben kweller are very popular with german girls, check if them or any of their 'similar artists' are playing while you're in germany and are free but honestly these sites are shit, Online Dating is considered for losers here. I've never had time to attend any, but I've communicated with some hotties from there. yeah friendscout seems to be the best place to pull right now.

in general is not very good, with friendscout being slightly better than badoo. Online dating is good for getting lays, but that's what I am looking for. There are several nice new dating website features and there is an English version of the website. Good luck in your search You know it's really too bad myspace went belly up.

I think online dating has quite a stigma in Germany unlike in EE where you can see attractive girls galore. Around its peak in 2006 or so, it was a gold mine for meeting chics.

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Where applicable, you will find registrar info, important dates, name servers, and registration data.Down to earth confident lady, looking for my best friend and lover all in one..... I live a balanced and an active lifestyle; I am energetic type of person, enjo... REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money. Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.I'm currently experimenting with two: both are free and there are quite a few others, e.g. in general is not very good, with friendscout being slightly better than badoo.

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