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SEPTA has spent .6 million installing cellular modems in its almost 1,400 buses and 159 trolleys.Similar equipment was installed on Regional Rail trains during the installation of Positive Train Control, an automatic-braking system.Recently Hall China joined Homer Laughlin China under the HLC Inc. Hall China continues its mission as the largest manufacturer of specialty dinnerware.By offering tabletop completer items for virtually any foodservice segment, Hall China has been able to thrive.The changes, which will continue through 2018, should make it easier for riders to plan their days, and will provide SEPTA with deep analytics that officials say will help planning, particularly for bus routes.

By mid-2018, SEPTA will be able to use the information to maintain countdown timers that are scheduled to be installed in all subway stops.

By the end of summer, maps on SEPTA’s website and app, Train View and Transit View, will receive information from the modems.

Subways and underground trolley service will take longer.

The modems will provide SEPTA, and riders, with location data on the vehicles that refresh every 30 seconds, much faster than the three-to-seven-minute updates currently available at train stations and on SEPTA’s app.

That more accurate information should start showing up at stations and on the app’s schedules by the end of July.

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