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But if you were interested in finding a mate who “matches your positions on the key issues impacting the world today,” candi Date was the app for you.

Despite generally positive user reviews, it appears to have met the same fate as Hannidate. The extent to which politics have been seeping into our culture is disturbing. Pretty soon we’ll have an app that lets us scan product barcodes to and run them through a database to ensure the company that makes the product is run by people who think correct thoughts about politics. Everything is political these days, and Americans seem less and less willing to even associate with ideological opponents, because we’re all so convinced that our beliefs are ethical and righteous and anyone who disagrees must have some kind of moral defect.

Though the anti-SJW community welcomed Green’s openness to engaging in more open debate with people who disagree with her views in a recent video, the feminist You Tuber revealed on Twitter that social justice warriors angry with her had allegedly doxed her and harassed her family.

“Nobody has the right to tell you who you can date, who you can love, who to share your body with,” posted Green this week, after she was attacked for dating someone with different political beliefs.

It has attracted thousands of so-called leftists who use the site to upload a photo, write a typically jokey post and invite others to get in touch via Facebook.

A classic comment reads: “I guess I will give it a shot.

He did warn me about his political persuasions on our first date, but I looked past them until his far-left views started to veer into communism. A few months later, we broke up and haven’t really spoken since.

The site, which is currently just a Facebook page, is a new dating platform for socialists, communists, anarchists and anyone who thinks that OKCupid and other dating sites are “too bourgeois.” Its main goal is to link people of similar political persuasions, and after getting more than 4,000 likes in 10 days, it’s now hoping to become an actual website and app.

Perhaps 2016 will be the year in which a majority of children in the U. are born with an already established and active social media account. But can we at least try to avoid letting 2016 be the year in which political dating apps become a thing? (I mean, we’re obviously not, but let’s just please pretend we are for a little while longer.) You may or may not be horrified to learn that many years ago, Fox News host Sean Hannity launched his own dating website called “Hannidate,” basically a Tinder for the politically conservative.Obama is a baby-killing fascist who cries fake tears and wants to destroy America; conservatives are heartless gun freaks who cheer the deaths of children in mass shootings because it means the value of their gun stocks will increase, and so on.In 1960, roughly five percent of Americans said they’d be upset if their child married someone from a different political party.For nearly twenty plus years, few persons could abide to be called liberal, socialist, or any other name associated with left-wing politics.Ronald Reagan and the brand of conservative thought and values he introduced dominated America in the 1980s.

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