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The asset liquidators at Schneider Industries understand your needs and work to come up with a customized solution to liquidate assets in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Inventory Liquidation Even a business with good financial standing may come upon hard times or acquire too much inventory that needs to go before it continues to lose value.

Even many of those who kept their jobs may have resorted to using credit cards and other lines of credit to offset salary cuts or pay for unexpected expenses.

If you've found yourself overextended with your credit, you may be tempted to liquidate your long-term savings, such as cash values on life insurance policies and your 401(k) or IRA accounts, to pay off debt.

Non-profit organizations that purchase federal assets thereby gain the ability to manage those resources in a manner consistent with their missions, rather than relying on the indirect method of lobbying the government to treat those assets in ways they desire.

Its importance is measurable not only in dollars—almost trillion[1] (,552 per capita[2])—but also in the grave threat it poses to the American financial system and therefore to the health and well-being of private businesses and households. This examines the potential for vastly improving the U. government’s fiscal position by using a method seldom utilized for the purposes of federal debt-reduction: the sale of federal assets. The sale of federal assets for the purpose of debt-reduction warrants serious consideration mostly because of one fundamental issue: America’s debt obligations are so huge that traditional methods for improving the government’s fiscal stance—namely, by raising more tax revenue, printing more money, or refinancing/reissuing government debt—are inadequate to the task and would create a host of major problems.It is common for companies to have surplus assets such as equipment and commercial real estate.However, if left unused, they might depreciate in value.Government debt refinancing/reissuance would merely postpone the inevitable day of fiscal reckoning and burden future generations with debt obligations which they had no say in creating. In addition, compared to the standard alternatives, asset liquidation could be better tied to debt reduction so that the revenues are not diverted to other government programs; its uniqueness promotes transparency.Moreover, basic economic theory predicts that federal asset liquidation would result not in the slowing of commerce and the reduction of household wealth, but rather in the opposite effect.

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