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It could also lead to the teacher's dismissal because most universities have a code of conduct that both students and professors are expected to follow.

Professors who violate this code of conduct may forfeit personal reputations and valued tenures.

Modern understanding of a romance between a student and a teacher centers around Mary Kay Letourneau's affair with her then sixth grade student, Vili Fualaau.

Although the couple was married after Letourneau spent seven and a half years in prison and gave birth to two children, the inappropriate relationship between student and teacher was not lessened because Fualaau became a consenting adult versus when he was a child.

In YA, however, things get a lot more complicated, and these stories can intersect with abuse, consent, legality, self-esteem, and sexual discovery.I’d expected a really emotional, soul-searching journey, but what I got was so much better: an authentic teen voice belonging to a girl who just wants to feel her worth and get close with someone who makes her feel she stands out in the crowd.Both sexually and emotionally honest, this book is so much of what I love about YA, and does an excellent job examining The Line without ever leaping over it.Here are five (okay, six) books that approach crossing the line in different ways., by Jessica Alcott One of my sleeper favorites of the year so far, Alcott’s debut had me laughing out loud while sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for things to blow up.

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Can a romance between a student and a teacher be the real thing?

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