Microsoft windows updating

Enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs.

If this service is disabled, users of this computer will not be able to use Windows Update or its automatic updating feature, and programs will not be able to use the Windows Update Agent (WUA) API.

There are some disadvantages to automatic updating however and some computer experts even go as far as suggesting that automatic updates should be turned off. There are a number of advantages to turning off automatic updates, such as:- The Windows Genuine Advantage ‘update’ shown in action here collects information from your PC in an attempt to combat piracy.

For Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 end users, Microsoft says to swipe in from the right edge of the screen and tap on Settings, Change PC Settings and Update and recovery.

Since the introduction of Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft has greatly improved the way users can update their computer.

Below are steps on how to perform these updates, as well as additional recommendations to help update your computer.

Apart from patching security problems, installing Microsoft Windows updates can make your computer more stable, fix problems with existing Windows features and software or even introduce new features.

With Windows XP and Windows 2000, Microsoft made a real effort to streamline the update process.

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If this is not possible, end users are encouraged to check for new updates once per week.

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