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Apparently painting Antichrist horns on the obvious evil system of our time sells books but is is good theology?

I posted a article why I do not believe the Beast will emerge from Islam or why the Beast will be Muslim.

According to the archdiocese, the attacker named John Rene Rockschiil , of Muslim confession according to Mexican media, was arrested after carrying out the attack with a knife.

Thank you in advance for your answer and may the blessings of health and peace attend you.I am wondering if it would be more polite not to use the urinal in a men's room if someone who I believe is Moslem is nearby at the wash basin.I know that for women the modesty laws are a lot stricter than for most Western women, and I respect Islamic women very much for that.Some of the testimonies of the parishioners who were in the church emphasize that some of those present accosted the 35-year-old man, in addition to providing medical care to the parish priest Miguel Angel Machorro, until help arrived.Have I heard correctly that your rules of modesty require men to crouch or squat to urinate??

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