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If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘out of my league’, it is a phrase used to refer to a person we think is superior to us (for example: hotter) and thus, ‘out of reach’, romantically speaking.In popular culture, people often give themselves and others a number rating between 1 and 10, that reflects their ‘hotness’ quotient or attractiveness.

But that's not what this is about, so there's no point comparing yourself to other women. It's also a great way of discovering whether or not he has a sense of humor. Then you just need to own your worth a little more........

If you have seen it, then yes, we’re going to be talking about the same subject!

If you haven’t, well it’s about a guy, this average Joe, who is in love with a gorgeous girl.

And even then, it's been limited to super-attractive women dating less-attractive men in the pursuit of money and/or fame.

But logic tells us this paradigm is completely outdated, because looks actually , it's been proven that "good-looks disparities" are common between couples, and often make for a lasting relationship (because, you know, personality).

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