My secret sexdate dating and marriage custions

Seriously I can't get enough of them together, it is just SO intense!

'A woman should be strong, independent, empowered and self-sufficient.

J and I were totally completely honest about our pasts (at least I thought so). He charmed and won over everyone he met, including me. We moved in together officially after 5 months of dating, were engaged after 6, and married almost exactly one year after our first date.

I knew from day one about his struggle with alcohol and drugs but he had just gotten his 4 year sobriety chip and attended weekly AA meetings with his sponsor. He would leave flowers on my doorstep, pick me up from work (even though I lived only a few blocks away), take me out all the time. Our first year of marriage brought a lot of ups and downs; J lost his job, we lost our dog, we moved cities after I was accepted into medical school, J got a new job (that he loved), we adopted a new dog, and things were starting to really come together by those last couple months.

And then I wondered: Are all my coupled-up and married friends scheduling sex dates and not telling me? Recent research shows that, in order to reap the wellness benefits of sex, once a week is a good goal to aim for. And let’s face it: We do live in the world of i Cal Over Everything.

After all, the storyline must’ve spawned from some real-world experience. What about Brad and Angelina, before they started hating each other? So penciling that in to make sure you’re, um, hitting your quota, the same way you pencil in gym time, makes sense. So, my question to all you coupled-up people out there, millennials and not: Have you ever penciled sex with your partner into your calendar?

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  1. She agreed, and after the event, as we were ushered between buildings on the Microsoft campus as we headed toward the meeting room in which we would be recording “Windows Weekly,” we asked about this.