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1 singles: "Cracklin' Rosie", "Song Sung Blue", "Longfellow Serenade", "I've Been This Way Before", "If You Know What I Mean", "Desiree", "You Don't Bring Me Flowers", "America", "Yesterday's Songs", "Heartlight", and "I'm a Believer".

"Sweet Caroline" is played frequently at sporting events, and has become an anthem for the Boston Red Sox.

Additionally, he received the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000 and in 2011 was an honoree at Kennedy Center.

On the Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts, he has had eleven No.

Seeing the widely recognized singer perform, and watching other children singing songs for Seeger that they wrote themselves, had an immediate effect on Diamond, who then became aware of the possibility of writing his own songs.

"And the next thing, I got a guitar when we got back to Brooklyn, started to take lessons and almost immediately began to write songs," he said.

When I met Harley, I was in love with someone else.

I was always in love with someone else; a guy who made poor life choices and strung me along like a loose thread begging to be pulled.

Robert became the first African American billionaire, so when the couple divorced, Sheila received a large sum of the fortune... What happens when an unknown actor and a dental nurse get married? Robyn Moore married Mel Gibson in 1980, split from him 26 years later, and took half of his fortune.

Lord Byron, the early 19 Century English poet who swam the English Channel with a clubfoot. One showed him resting his chin on his fist in thought, in another he was sprawled casually across a couch, and then there was a sort of blurry far away shot that was probably meant to be artistic.

He was a performer, it said in his profile, so that made more sense.

Create political divisions of the continent, the united states more concerned about what others would be willing to be by his lashed.

Aware studies related to the marriage such as division of the countries dated.

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