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Whilst inventive, these bots don’t take into account personal preference, or get rid of spammers.

Long had something a little more sophisticated in mind- a bot which learns your physical “type” using the Eigenfaces facial recognition algorithm, and automatically got the conversation going with your matches.

(Note the slightly weird and non-specific entity name 'SET', which refers to a set of times, such as a recurring event.) For more details on the annotations, see also the Time ML Annotation Guidelines Version 1.2.1, Guidelines for Temporal Expression Annotation for English for Temp Eval 2010, and the TIDES 2003 Standard for the Annotation of Temporal Expressions (TIMEX2 v1.3), which is still useful for its detailed discussion, even though partially superseded by TIMEX3.

Secretly, you feel like you won’t ever get it together, right? All of your relationships tend to end the same way and you’re tired of getting it wrong.

Allow me to help you get your head and your heart in harmony.

SUTime is a library for recognizing and normalizing time expressions.

That is, it will convert next wednesday at 3pm to something like 2016-02-17T (depending on the assumed current reference time).

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The success has often been attributed to the fact that Tinder is the closest virtual simulation of the bar experience; you see an attractive person across the bar, and in the that moment- having only seen them, and knowing precious little about them other than the way they look (and maybe their tipple of choice), you decide whether or not to make your approach.

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