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Jackets are first-come, first served for sizes and are available at Athlete Check-In at the Converence Center at Lake Placid, starting Wednesday, February 1st for athletes who have pre-registered here on the website (athlete check in hours listed here). Last minute entries will be available on site, but we can't guarantee jacket size availability at that point.

A 26.2 mile endurance speed skating race on the Olympic Speed Skating Oval.

Timed, mass start at 12 noon (this time may change) Taking place on the Olympic Speed Skating Oval, this 200-yard ‘dash’ race is open for two age divisions — under 13 and 13 - 17.

The race will take place following the adult Citizen's Race, approximately pm. It is strongly recommended you sign up online, using the link at the top of this page to ensure you receive a jacket in the size you would like.

If the game is 12 minute stop-time periods, there will be no running of the clock unless the goal differential is 6 or more. Ties are left that way at the conclusion of regulation, unless it is a playoff game.

Time-outs are generally not allowed in regular season games.

“That made me think it would be fun to have someone in bed all the time.” So she asked friends and strangers to sleep in the bed for eight hours; one participant thought there was going to be an orgy. ) behavior, and I know this is going to sound flaky, but I love activities that aren’t any one kind of activity, because there are only so many kinds of activity and yet there are so many things to do.

’ and I said, ‘It could be.’” I love this 2009 interview with Sophie Calle, and I love “Why Not?

Also, we update quite often, so there is almost always something new every day.

Saturday, February 4 - all events at Olympic Speed Skating Oval 26.2 mile/42k - Speed Skating Marathon pm start Citizen's Race pm start Kids Race pm start All registered athletes will receive our official Empire State Games logoed Yetti, soft-shell, wind and rain resistant jacket (a 0 retail value).

It is recommended you sign up online (using the links at the top of this page) to ensure you receive a jacket in the size you would like.

And sometimes rather than having sex it’s cool to, I don’t know, drum on each other’s backs and then roll around pretending to be worms?

My point is there are lots of things to do with other consenting adults that are neither sexual nor friendly nor Twister.

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