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Cousins Daljit Kapoor, 41 and Harmit Kapoor, 42, and Davinder Chawla, 43, a member of the same extended family had all previously pleaded guilty to running the scam which charged each family over £,9000.

They provided Sikhs from the war-torn country with stolen passports or those of their own family members who most looked like them, so they could pass themselves off as British citizens.

But when Sukha died, his remains were abandoned in a different “no man’s land” from the Flanders quagmire that claimed the lives of so many who fought on the Western Front in the First World War.

The following weekend, another wedding in Coventry only managed to go ahead after some negotiations with the disrupters.The headstone, bought with contributions from parishioners, paid tribute to the serviceman from Uttar Pradesh.It reads: “By creed, he was not Christian, but his earthly life was sacrificed in the interests of others.” The story of Sukha casts an uncomfortable light on the prejudices of India’s caste system, which persist to this day.One family of asylum seekers were found at Heathrow Airport without any identification after being smuggled into Britain.They were abandoned by the gang in Terminal 1 before they claimed asylum with authorities.

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