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In the premiere episode that kicks off the fourth season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (Sunday, Dec. , seems to have been filmed before the onset of the Saints’ as-yet undefeated season). Lakers star Lamar Odom, is house-hunting for the couple’s first home together. A.-based reality shows – the spacious homes with their gargantuan kitchens, walk-in closets larger than most New York City apartments, elaborate iron- and stonework, the custom-shaped swimming pools and everything else. And another situation alien to most of us: Can Kim motivate herself out of her lethargy and stop pouting long enough to successfully participate in a photo shoot for her own fragrance, a dream she says she has had all her life?

Sister Kourtney is pregnant and about to deliver a baby whose father is her off-again, now on-again boyfriend, Scott, who is portrayed in the show as a shiftless layabout whom most of the Kardashians loathe for knocking up their sis. Rest assured that it takes very little effort to keep up with the Kardashians as they house-hunt, eat lunch and pose for photos – activities they undertake languidly. You know the footage – it’s seen in every reality series: The fast-motion sunrise, the overhead shots of cars in fast-motion on sunny freeways and residential streets lined with palm trees and vast dewy lawns, the fast-moving video of the sun-splashed storefronts of Rodeo Drive. A.-based reality show: Problems will inevitably arise from photo shoots and multimillion-dollar real estate decisions, but in the end, it’s always sunny in southern California.

Another storyline involved a wheelchair-bound hoarder who was hoarding her soiled diapers; basically, she was just tossing them into the bathroom until they had formed a great pile, rendering the bathroom useless (not that she was using it, anyway). Teens are not immune from the hoarding syndrome, as demonstrated by hoarder “Jake” on “Hoarders.” He might be half-buried in junk, but like typical teens everywhere, he keeps a tight grip on that cellphone!

In recent months, US news organizations have rushed to expose the Bush administration’s pre-war failings on Iraq.

There's been a recurring issue within Mens Rights Movement, dating back to our inception in 1979.

In short: The Media is responsible for most troubles caused in this country. But, these publications have enormous power when deciding which news the public should see.

Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND.

He is the author of the forthcoming book, "Shocked by the Bible 2: Connecting the Dots in Scripture to Reveal the Truth They Don't Want You to Know," a follow-up to his No.1 best-seller "Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told" Kathleen Willey, the former volunteer aide to Bill Clinton who says she was sexually harassed by the president in the 1990s, is now sounding the alarm about the potential danger of Hillary Clinton becoming president.

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While serving as a volunteer in the White House and facing financial hard times, Willey says she met with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office to request a paying position.

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