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But a group of Pentecostals in Arizona are coming “home to Rome” through Constantinople, leaving their Assembly of God church for the Byzantine Catholic Church.

The preaching was on mortal sins, Mangels said, and although he didn’t know the speaker was Catholic, he was impressed.

What if, by some miracle of space and time, the twenty year old me was able to visit the thirty year old me, today. Becoming a Catholic is something I never could’ve imagined or envisioned. I found an incredible local Pentecostal church, and incredible youth group, and was welcomed into a group of fantastic, devout young Christians.

It’s hard to imagine all the grace I received through the friends I found and the experiences I had.

(To be honest, I found myself wondering who was running things back home, since the entire power structure of the African Church seemed to be in Rome.) After four days, 46 presentations, 14 discussion periods, and an avalanche of verbiage, any attempt at a comprehensive summary is a fool’s errand.

But in the spirit of trying to sum up, here’s a stab at it: I think what we saw Wednesday through Saturday was the emergence of what one might call ‘African Catholicism 2.0’.

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