Piltdown hoax dating technique

For the most part, their story was accepted in good faith.However, in 1949 new dating technology arrived that changed scientific opinion on the age of the remains Using fluorine tests, Dr Kenneth Oakley, a geologist at the Natural History Museum, discovered that the Piltdown remains were only 50,000 years old.This page is a self contained, text only, document.However there are links to supporting documents and pictures.

For more than a century, the identity of the creator of the fake fossils was unknown, but De Groote's study, published in August 2016 by Royal Society Open Science, determined that Dawson was the most likely sole forger.

He wrote that the fossil would “rival” the German fossil jaw belonging , the first early human species to live in colder climates.

Scientists had become increasingly interested in finding the missing link between humans and apes ever since the publication of Charles Darwin’s “Descent of Man” in 1871.

This eliminated the possibility of the Piltdown Man being the missing link between humans and apes as at this point in time humans had already developed into their Homo sapiens form.

Following this, biological anthropologist Dr Joseph Weiner and human anatomist Wilfrid Le Gros Clark, both from Oxford University, worked with Dr Oakley to further test the age of the Piltdown findings.

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