Port rates backdating

Historical performance PORT enables you to: Performance attribution Understand why your portfolio outperformed or underperformed a benchmark over a historical time period and analyze how the structure of your portfolio contributed to your active performance.

Leverage our proprietary risk models to assess how various risk factors contributed to your portfolio’s performance.

Having poked around the Port of Southampton in 2006, the VOA found that one port company occupied much more property than it previously realised.

The Queensland Minister for Energy and Water Supply then determined that the carbon-exclusive retail prices would apply in 2014–15.

These prices will be backdated so that they apply from 1 July 2014.

Meeting with Nick Ridehalgh, ABP Port Director Short Sea Ports; Alastair Mac Farlane, ABP Port Manager East Anglia; and David Rumsey, Finance Director Clarkson Port Services, Mr Neill discussed the implications of the Act, saying: “For too long this unfair backdated port tax took its toll on the ports industry, with unexpected million pound bills damaging the businesses at the foundation of this country’s import and export infrastructure.“The Government took swift action to reverse these effects – our freeze on paying the backdated tax helped prevent job losses and let companies plan for the future.

And from 31st March, affected businesses in ports and across England can, at last, breathe a sigh of relief as our action to waive their bills is completed.“Now the looming threat of the unfair backdated port tax is finally behind us, I’m confident that the industry can move forward with putting that money to its rightful use – to build up their businesses, retain jobs and benefit from international trade.”Mr Ridehalgh explained that the move has been welcomed by ABP and its customers, and thanked Mr Neill for his efforts: “We were delighted to welcome the Minister to the Port of Ipswich for a second visit.

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