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Once awakened, exploitation of others, the destruction of any eco- system and that ultimate obscenity - war - all become as impossible to support as it would be to take a hammer and chisel (and) cut off one’s own fingers.My different forms of self-expression: work, writing, photography are parts of who I have been and am.

Essentially, when I’m deep in some growth and lessons, the LAST thing on the planet I want is to open my physical body to some “poking.” To put it crudely. I’ve also started meditating every night before bed recently.

In October, on the twentieth anniversary of Erowid’s launch, I travelled to the home of its founders, in the Gold Country of northeast California, where the Central Valley gives way to the Sierra Nevada and road signs along I-80 start marking the altitude.

The hills are dotted with Gold Rush museums and monuments, along with evidence of a thriving cannabis-growing scene.

Local television weathermen refer to the region as the Mother Lode.

The founders of Erowid are a couple in their mid-forties—a man and a woman who call themselves Earth and Fire, respectively.

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  1. Steeds meer oudere dames ontdekken dat ze nog aantrekkelijk gevonden worden door een grote groep mannen en melden zich spontaan aan, want hun behoefte aan sex is groter dan ooit. Om die reden ben ik hier, want het is inmiddels alweer een tijdje geleden dat ..