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Some radiometric dating methods depend upon knowing the initial amount of the isotope subject to decay.Chica, Ivan - Stratigraphical problems of the Miocene in Europe. - Biostratigraphie der germanischen Mitteltrias Teil I, II & Anlagen.

in pocket) with fossils (ammonites, ostracods, a.o.). 50Simpson, George Gaylord - Tempo and mode in evolution. The evidence against a recent creation is overwhelming.The resulting views provide insight into the physical processes involved, which might help to improve earthquake hazard estimation.Fire and vegetation history on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands, and long-term environmental change in southern California.

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When the carbon dioxide, containing C14 as well as stable C12 and C13, is taken in by plants it is no longer exposed to the intense cosmic ray bombardment in the upper atmosphere, so the carbon 14 isotope decays without being replenished.

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