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Ms Cho, 41, split from her husband Evan Gottlieb over the summer and moved out of their Yonker's mansion with her daughter to a Upper West Side apartment - where Josh has been seen leaving in the early hours of the morning.The TV hosts were first spotted having dinner together in Manhattan in September sparking rumors of a fledgling relationship, but at the time friends said it was not a serious romance and they had been on a few dates. Then at 12 his adopted parents divorced and his father, who had told the family he was gay, died.Claiborne's journalism career began when he first worked at an independent newspaper based in Richmond, California.

Ron is appreciated for reporting the news about the gay marriages, Boston Catholic Church scandal and much more.He has also been in numerous nominations of prestigious awards in his life.He won for Daytime Emmy Award for the first time in his life in 2000 for Outstanding Morning Program: coverage of the seizure of Elian Gonzales in Miami. The adorable brunette fills us in on hosting her live nightly online show that covers all-things fashion and beauty with Frankie Grande and her love for the fashion biz. During high school and college, I was actually working at a high-end boutique and that’s where I felt like I got the fashion bug. Meghan Trainor, Elle Fanning, Ashley Graham and Tracy Reese are also favorites! I’ll try and play a trend out as long as it works for me. My feet are celebrating this trend of flats having a moment, so I love a good Adidas sneaker. What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you? I got brought onto Style Code Live, which is an incredible concept. It’s a new platform, and it’s super innovative and I can’t even describe to you how incredible it feels to be a part of something that’s so new and fresh! We’ve had over a hundred episodes now, which is insane! If you try to force something, it looks and is uncomfortable so your confidence lacks. I’m OCD when it comes to organizing my beauty products. I probably need to see somebody about it, but I enjoy it.

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