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Using this integrative approach, we date the appearance of the Philistine pottery in Tell es-Safi/Gath in the 13th century BC. Only slightly later than promised, I’ve managed to write the second part of the summary of our recent dating project.Human remains from the palaeochannel comprised the remains of three individuals, two of whom pre-dated the burnt mound by several centuries while the partial remains of a third, dating from the Late Bronze Age, provided evidence that this individual had met a violent death.These finds, along with animal bones dating to the Iron Age, and the remains of a bridge from the early medieval period, suggest that people were drawn to this location over a long period of time.Bayliss A, Marshall P, Meadows J, Bronk Ramsey C, Cook G & van der Plicht J (2012) Radiocarbon dating, in ' Bogs, bodies and burnt mounds: visits to the Soar wetlands in the Neolithic and Bronze Age' (by S Ripper and M Beamish) (article pp173–206), Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 78, pp. The recording and analysis of a burnt mound and adjacent palaeochannel deposits on the floodplain of the River Soar in Leicestershire revealed that the burnt mound was in use, possibly for a number of different purposes, at the transition from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age.An extensive radiocarbon dating programme indicated that the site was revisited.During the Bronze Age, two newly described cultures existed in addition to the Ust-Mil culture: Ulakhan Segelennyakh and Sugunnakh, the latter being a derivative of Ymyiakhtakh.

This is pit M13, inside the enclosure, which we dug in 2014.

This helps to make sense of one of the important questions about this site.

Here we have a complex of lots of pits inside the three concentric ditches of the enclosure.

As well as re-dating the New Laund Enclosure to the Middle Iron Age, these results have also helped us pin down dates for some of the archaeology around the Whitewell Enclosure.

We have one date from the top of the outer ditch, here in trench Q.

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