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She said that in spite of her own three failed marriages she still believed that marriage is the "cornerstone of civilisation, an essential institution that stabilises society, provides a sanctuary for children and saves us from anarchy".The Detroit rocker who pioneered "shock rock" is a one-woman man, according to a new memoir. "I regret that I didn't give that marriage more of a chance," she says.Fifty years, three more husbands and scores of TV, movie and theater roles later, Welch still seems larger than life.Cooper, once linked to 1970s sex symbol Raquel Welch, has long refuted rumors that he ever cheated on his wife of 37 years, Sheryl Goddard. Dick Wagner, Cooper's longtime guitarist, backs his friend's claims in a new autobiography called "Not Only Women Bleed," saying that the "Hey Stoopid" musician "has a propensity towards being faithful to his girlfriend." According to the account, Wagner and Cooper were invited up to Welch's suite at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami in 1976. She has the gleaming skin of a 30-year-old and a soft voice, both melodic and patrician.Her upbringing in La Jolla, California, didn't prepare her for Hollywood.

Exactly where does he rate among the Leo Di Caprios, Warren Beattys, and Wilmer Valderramas of the world?

Welch came to attention as a "new-star" on the 20th Century Fox lot in the mid-1960s.

She posed iconically in an animal skin bikini for the British-release One Million Years B.

The journey doesn’t come without a catch — the group can buy all of the survival supplies and comforts they would like, but each purchase decision requires the majority’s approval, all of those supplies are extremely expensive, and each purchase comes at the cost of their shared prize money.

RATINGS History‘s new SEAL drama “Six” drew a combined audience of 2.6 million viewers across History, Lifetime Movie Network, and A&E in its debut on Wednesday night.

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CASTING UP has cast Barry Watson as dad Ricky Cooper in the channel’s new hour-long family dramedy “Date My Dad,“about a widowed father whose three young girls (Lilah Fitzgerald, Audrey Smallman, and Zenia Marie Marshall) push him back into the dating game.

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