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Here was an existence which made the lavish appear commonplace and where power was merely a few scribbles in a diary away. It is an act of hostility at odds with the Jain's reputation as the finest hosts.

But with the 'emperor' on bail, enmeshed in the biggest political scandal India has known, for the Jains, nothing is expected to be the same again.

It's a habit that we are accustomed to, so when a vegetarian comes face to face with a non-vegetarian, it can be a tad uncomfortable if they are not exposed to people eating meat in public.

If the couple is romantically interested in each other they have to find a way to ensure this does not tear them apart." Psychiatrist Dr Parul Tank, says, "You have to have certain boundaries in place at home that are mutually agreed on.

This could include not cooking or eating non-vegetarian food at home, but you have to make allowances for your partner's preferences by not objecting if he/she decides to eat a non-veg meal outside.

Objecting to it can only create more friction in the relationship.

Niagara College, which has three campuses in Niagara Region and a satellite program in Saudi Arabia, offers more than 100 diploma, bachelor and advanced programs and welcomes more than 9,000 students each year, including 1,500 foreign students.

According to Jain, the full-time general arts and science diploma program normally takes two years to complete.

“The students exercised their due diligence to figure out the rules.

So adopt a live and let live attitude." Avoid being judgmental : The adage — 'One man's food is another's poison' is a bit drastic to apply in the present scenario but best describes the situation.

If you have chosen to be with a meat lover, accept his/her food preferences without being critical about them.

Life was predictably less dramatic for the Jain family when Rao Saheb Jyoti Prasad Jain - once assistant adjutant-general in the army - first arrived in Bhilai in the late '50s with his wife and four sons - Surendra, Balwant Rai, Narendra and Arvind.

India's largest steel plant was being built here then, and the future promised much.

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  1. They suddenly think they're "too old." They'll feel strange, uncomfortable... And as much as they try to ignore it, there's always that constant nagging, lingering feeling that "something's just not right." Maybe they feel they're not "hip" or "cool" enough to keep up and date these sweet young things. It's not as complicated as most guys make it to be.