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Mentioning about filming The Adventurers (俠盜聯盟) movie before his injury, Andy reveals he films most action scenes personally and is injured during filming as well: "The scar remains after knocking my head against the wall and I need to trouble the make-up artist as a result." Andy specially consults the doctor as he has a hoarse voice despite resting for a long time: "I feel agitated when he says I am getting old.

Perhaps I do less exercises for the past 6 months and my voice is less hoarse when having good stamina in the past.

According to Asian Pop News, it was also the first time in which Christy’s parents met their future son-in-law.

In the past, Christy's parents were not able to accept their relationship due to their 12-year age gap.

He was the youngest player to represent Hong Kong in overseas competitions at the time.

The doctor explains to me in this way." Source: Ming Pao (HK) Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal Please credit our website if you wish to repost the news.

Image: Lollipop After two divorces, Christy Chung will be re-marrying again to her boyfriend Golden Zhang Lun Shuo.

The 45-year-old actress, who has three daughters from her previous marriages, has accepted her 33-year-old boyfriend’s wedding proposal.

, Golden secretly invited parents from both sides and Christy’s daughters to witness his proposal.

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The rumor was of “a man and a woman from the narcotics team of a certain ‘three-colored’ television station were discovered inside a mini-van in Pat Heung, Yuen Long… they pleaded the cops to not tell anyone.” Two nights ago, the rumor was passed on to other popular websites and forums, and it became a popular topic among netizens. ” Asked if Elaine had discussed with the issue with Patrick, Elaine said, “It’s not necessary. I don’t have his phone number, and I would have to contact the producer to reach him. Besides, I have heard from a colleague that he is not in Hong Kong.” Elaine also said, “On the night where the rumor said I was arrested by the police, I was jogging in Sha Tin. I didn’t know about the rumor until my neighbor knocked on my door and asked if I was arrested. Many radio stations, newspapers, and magazines had all contacted me to respond to the incident. If I was arrested, how would I be able to take phone interviews? Since day one, Elaine and I only interacted with each other at work.

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