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But if you can deal with the intensity, dating us could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

If you think you’re just being “friendly” by sending him a flirty text or baking him a birthday cake, you could be getting in the way of the kind of courtship you desire. Calling him because you heard or read about something interesting, or because you knew there was a great band playing somewhere, or someone told you about some great event that you want to invite him to. In fact, you may feel that he’ll just see you as being friendly and want to get closer to you.

For the active there is a range of sports including superb golf courses, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, water sports, horse riding, tennis, bird watching and much more.

There are also excellent restaurants and nightclubs.

And dating a surfer probably isn’t the best idea, since surfers practically live at the beach.

Make sure you’re a morning person Fun fact: The waves are typically better in the morning with the calm winds.

E-mailing him, texting him, Facebooking him, sending him a cute card, dropping by his house, or in any way attempting to initiate some kind of contact. Asking him how he feels — especially asking him how he feels about you or the relationship. Inviting him to come and join you, or in any way acting like the social director of the relationship.

I then started to look closer at the interactions, habits and complaints of my single girl and guy friends around me. Girls care about their dating interactions and mishaps much more than guys do and relentlessly torture themselves over them.

It Pays To Be Patient I know how frustrating it is to sit back and let a man take the lead. We want to make it easy for him to ask us out again. And often times this means we inadvertently chase him in the ways described above.

It’s true that men need validation as much as we do.

Disclaimer: This is meant to be some sort of a humorous manifesto of dating a surfer. I’ve heard that one too many times before to actually believe that statement.

These are only a few of the lessons learned and heard over the course of 15 years and should be taken with a grain of salt. That’s usually followed up with “except for that icky sand, it just gets everywhere.” I don’t get what’s wrong with the sand, Laird Hamilton has some sort of imitation sand for a floor in his house and that sounds ideal to me and most surfers.

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