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You can also download San Francisco Chinatown Self Guided Tour as a pdf.Or, check out a video of a walk through Chinatown, and see many of the sights that you’ll be visiting on your own trip!For generations, San Francisco has been home to a thriving landscape of neighborhood businesses that occupy an essential role in the stories and rituals that define the city.These bars, restaurants, cafés, and other places have attracted locals and visitors alike for a taste of the city’s unique character and sense of community.Initially, each applicant requests placement in his/her preferred program.At this point the matching process ends, with 2 and 5 remaining unmatched.“Legacy Bars and Restaurants” is Heritage’s groundbreaking educational initiative that invites users to experience the history of some of San Francisco’s most legendary eateries, watering holes, dives, and haunts.

The process is an 'applicant-proposing' one; this means that it is driven by the applicants' requests for placement. As programs receive more requests, they will retain only those applicants they consider most desirable.

For questions about the “Legacy” project, please email [email protected]

Know of a business that hasn’t been included yet, but should be? Thank you to San Francisco’s Cyrus Noble Bourbon Whiskey for its generous support of “Legacy Bars & Restaurants”!

Recent threats to local institutions like the Tonga Room, Tosca Café, and Gold Dust Lounge underscore the need to develop new strategies for protecting places with intangible cultural significance.

“Legacy Bars and Restaurants” documents the city’s vast culinary heritage and promotes businesses that do not necessarily qualify for formal historic designation.

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