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He thought people would finally see how crazy it is to live with an adult with Aspergers, but in fact, the show got canceled because TLC said “Penelope and her family are too normal.” My husband said it’s because we never left our house and I can control my environment at home.

He says the producers should have watched me shop in the grocery store because I run people over with my cart all the time.

It appears that Zuck and Boz have 143 friends in common.

That means we at least know 144 of Mark Zuckerberg's friends now.

” Jacob sees all questions as an invitation for soliloquy, on any topic.

A recent article in Scientific American drew the conclusion that no, no they couldn’t, based on a pair of studies of 88 couples in mixed-gender platonic relationships.If you decide to make your friends list private, great.However, that doesn't mean that you are private on your As you can imagine, a good number of high profile figures and celebrities have set their friends list to private.Whether you're a celebrity or someone with something to hide, Facebook allows you to keep your "friends list" private so you can protect the identities of your Facebook friends. There's a simple Facebook hack that lets you unravel entire networks of people as you navigate around a user's "private" friends list.However, I must warn you, the easy way to do this will take a According to Facebook, every user gets to decide what is and isn't visible to their friends.

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