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Well, there are so many problems and troubles that can be caused by such men, but the most obvious and the nastiest ones are the following: I used to have very low self-esteem in the past, I used to feel horrible about myself and I used to think that if I was to have a relationship, I would never cheat, however, during my first relationship, I was with a very sweet girl, she was extremely nice and sincere, yet, I ended up cheating on her! It’s because I wasn’t feeling good about myself all the time, I always thought badly about myself and I was all the time trying to find reasons to feel good about myself and feel happy, this made me very bitter about my relationship and the person I was with, I blamed her for everything that happened to me and even worse, I was extremely doubtful and I hated myself for being happy!

That’s how I cheated with the first woman who smiled at me!

And today, I would like to talk about this very important and nasty problem: dating and being in a relationship with a low self-esteem man!

So, what are the problems of men with low self-esteem in relationships?

He won’t face you directly and tell you that what you are doing is bad, it’s because he doesn’t have enough self-confidence to do it, he is scared you may leave him if you discover who he really is, so, he will try to manipulate you by whining and complaining about what you are doing, this is not only very distractive for the relationship, it’s also very depressing and frustrating as well.

This problem may seem quite easy and not very dangerous, but it is.

He recognizes that I’m almost too incredible for him to handle. At the time, I was busy running a major feminist website, keynoting multiple conferences, and penning my first book about dating, love, and feminism.

But who is being affected the most by this negative outcome?

The study finds that it's actually men, not women, who have the lowest levels of self-esteem from using dating apps.

At first, he was intrigued (“I’m so impressed with how successful you are”).

But his feelings toward my work quickly devolved into insecurity (“you realize I’m a loser, right?

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