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He has covered every Triple Crown race since 1987 and every NCAA Tournament since 1988, in addition to chronicling the careers of two National College Basketball Players of the Year, La Salle's Lionel Simmons (1990) and St. He’s also covered many major events, including the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and 2001 NBA Finals. - Last summer at Saratoga, old friends Vinnie Viola and Anthony Bonomo, who grew up within blocks of each other in Brooklyn and had each owned horses, decided to go partners on all the horses Bonomo owned and some that Viola owned. He would manage the horses and Todd Pletcher would train them.

That was not an easy call for Bonomo who had to tell another boyhood friend, Dominick Schettino that he would no longer be training horses for his stable.

A family court judge in Kentucky has recused himself from future adoption cases involving gay parents, citing his inability to remain impartial.

Judge Mitchell Nance, assigned to the family court circuit covering Kentucky's Barren and Metcalfe counties, issued an order on Thursday recusing himself from future same-sex couple adoption cases.

Eventually you land in bed for boozy sex before sneaking away with a crushing hangover the next morning or, if you’re brave, drinking again with your co-conspirator at brunch, sunglasses on and pride depleted.

If you’re single and living in New York, you likely drink before most of your hook-ups. You’re meeting your Tinder date “for a drink”; you’re drunk-texting your safe-bet booty call; you’re easing nerves before the scruff guy shows up.

Kentucky Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman told the Daily Times that the judge's decision indicated 'clear discrimination'.'If Judge Nance can't perform the basic functions of his job, which are to deliver impartiality, fairness and justice to all families in his court room, then he shouldn't be a judge,' said Cothran.

Viola, a West Point grad and the owner of the Florida Panthers, was nominated to be Secretary of the Army earlier this year.

We drink more because bars don’t close until 4 a.m., and we don’t have to drive ourselves home.

Census data shows we stay single a couple years longer than the average marrieds in other states, which means that, at least in my group of (single) twenty- and thirty-something friends, it’s not uncommon to go out most every night of the week.

Nance explained in an interview with the Washington Post that the intent of his order was to minimize any disruption to cases involving gay parents by preemptively recusing himself, and said he stood by his decision.

There are at least five bars within a five-minute walk from my Bushwick apartment that I would categorize as decent to a guaranteed good time and I’m very grateful, because being drunk makes so many things better: brunch, grocery shopping, trashy novels, scrolling through Instagram, riding the subway alone. It is notoriously difficult to measure how “drunk” a city is, how much more or less we drink than people over the Hudson River or on the other coast, but it’s fair to say that the New York dating population likes its alcohol.

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