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During truth or dare, Marinette finds out Adrien is dating Chat Noir.

What better way to get back at him than to date Ladybug?

Truth or Dare, in theory, is a fun game to play with your friends, or even strangers if you’re ballsy enough.

In practice, however, it’s either extremely dull or a nonstop marathon of ruined friendships and unshakable embarrassment.

If you need some extra help, we have a list of 40 truth or dare questions that can help you out.

my truth is- have you ever thought about making out with me my dare is... personal questions are also good, and LISTEN to the answers. try this one: 'whats the most romantic thing you would do for someone you were dating' that should get things opened up.well you usually I play this one game that I think is a Lil more kinkier than that one... The others will then play on this, and try to make u "suffer" by givin you truth and dares involvin him/her.Lol..called what would we should ask what were you do if we were in your room.. 1 thing can often lead 2 another, trust me it works.

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Marinette scrunched herself between Alya and Sabrina.“Finally,” Chloé scoffed, ignoring the fact that Mylène was supposed to give her a truth or a dare. At school the next day, Marinette found herself avoiding Adrien more than usual.

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  1. Katie’s next boyfriend is Another Level singer who she dates from 1998-2000. ‘He was the only guy who completely taught me about having your heart broken,’ admits Katie.