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The following is a link to a video showing a Murfreesboro TN city council member admitting that they are trying to scam citizens into paying a fake ticket.

Skip ahead to in the video to hear the incriminating statements.

These 3rd Party out of state companies that run the cameras(Redflex & American Traffic Solutions) will make every attempt to try and scam you into paying the ticket.

They will send you empty threat notices and even collection letters but there is nothing they can legally do if you choose not to pay them.

Posted: , Author: Mobuvico One fun night at our next African American speed dating event in Los Angeles.

There is some indication that combining a chore and dating is appealing to millennials.While most laundromat cafés have washed up, the one that is still as hot as ever is Brain Wash in San Francisco's SOMA (South of Market) neighborhood, where, since 1989, residents have done their own laundry in a café and live music setting — an atmosphere that not only fostered a sense of community in the area, but also brought people together in a romantic sense."You're sitting at the same folding table, that's a natural place for conversation," says Susan Schindler, founder of Brain Wash, who ran it between 19."I used to always joke it was great because a guy could look and see exactly what kind of underwear a girl is wearing as she’s folding. In addition, no information regarding a violation shall be disclosed or identified in any credit report."TN State law prohibits any action on your credit report and also prohibits any points on your license. 55-8-198(m)(2)- "No person having charge, custody of or control over any records or information regarding a violation of this section [Citations based on unmanned traffic enforcement cameras], including payments made pursuant to receipt of a notice of violation or a citation, whether timely or delinquent, shall disclose these records or information to a consumer reporting agency.

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