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I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of status updates on your social media feeds this past Valentine’s Day.Whether you’re searching for a new partner or in an on-going relationship, I’m sure you would agree that the dating phase often sets the tone for your relationship.Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on relationships but bear with me for a moment here.I just finished a whole-day workshop on designing and implementing a hybrid SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) solution with Microsoft Azure for SQLSaturday Melbourne.He shared that he's also excited about the vision for Mongo DB we've heard this morning. So, on average, we have about 438 people that get married on e Harmony every single day. And that translates to a lot of data that we need to store, manage, and process. Well, our compatibility matching processor, or, also known as CMP application, create about billion plus potential matches per day, with about 25 plus terabytes of user data in our entire matching system.And as more and more people straggle in, I'm going to thank him for joining us today. That translates to about 5% of all the new marriages in the US alone. In support, 60 million plus queries, complex multi-attribute queries, daily looking across 250 plus attributes.

username=[SQL] # members :id # members :username # members :email # members :password # members :signup_date # members :signup_ip # members :banned # members :active # members :is_admin # Etc.. He's been the CTO at several other medium and small startups. And at the end, I'd ask you to fill-in the survey about whether or not you fell in love today. And like you see in a lot of those pictures-- those are not stock photos, if you have any questions. We have about more than 600,000 success couples since the founding of the company 14 years ago. So just to let you know some of the very interesting statistics. We currently operate across three different continents. Thank you for joining, because falling in love and Mongo DB don't really go together in my mind. And, in fact, we're going to hear how that works. It looks like-- oh, what's the name of the movie all about love? Love Actually, that's the picture it looks like. We're really pleased to have the CTO of e Harmony. He is a CTO renowned and bringing about agile development, new technologies. I'm very excited to be part of this first ever Mongo DB World. For those of you who haven't heard about e Harmony before, we are a recommendation service that provides singles with long-term and happy relationships.He's going to share the story about how Mongo DB is helping make matches, how more and more people can fall in love more quickly. With 51 million plus registered members that we have, and 25 million plus visits per month, and more than 1.2 million people that get married on e Harmony since the company was founded 14 years ago by Dr. Our systems store and manage about 200 million plus photos with 15 plus terabytes of data in our photo storage.Imagine, if you could take the speed of development that Mongo DB brings and bring it to love, we could cut out all that noise in dating and actually just find our soulmates, right? It also manages about four billion plus relationship questionnaires, with 25 plus terabytes of data.

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