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Actress Emily Blunt's older sister has found love with actor Stanley Tucci. A source tells Britain's Daily Mail, "They are extremely happy. I remember reading that he took a break from the marriage (this was before the wife got sick) and dated Edie Falco. Or, alternatively, who would care enough about Stanley Tucci to actually go digging about when he started dating Emily Blunt's sister?The Brit introduced her sister Felicity to Tucci, WHO WAS HER her co-star in the 2006 comedy The Devil Wears Prada, and the couple started dating. Tucci recently proposed to Felicity, a literary agent, and she is planning to move to the U. Stanley lives in America and the plan is that Felicity will move there to be with him... actor John Krasinski last year (2010).source I remember reading something about him elbowing her in the boobs constantly and when she mentioned it to him he was like it's your fault, they're all over the place! That was brief because the next thing I read was that he got back together w/ his wife and she died. Yes it was a Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez movie but the few scenes Stanley was in just made the movie a whole lot better. Tom Fontana, executive director of Homicide, cast Falco as Eva Thormann, the wife of an injured police officer, after watching Falco's performance in Laws of Gravity, a 1992 film directed by Nick Gomez.Fontana said of her, "She's an actress who's unadorned by any embroidery.Edie Falco is an American television, film, and stage actress.She is best known for her role as Mafia wife Carmela Soprano on HBO’s The Sopranos and the title character in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. Stanley's first wife died of cancer about two years ago.

She was born on 5 July 1963 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. He is known for his collaborations with director Hal Hartley. He was born in New York City, New York and attended State University of New York at Purchase. Edie Falco was born on July 5, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York to Judith Anderson and Frank Falco .

During this time, Falco appeared in the films Trust, Cop Land, Private Parts (nonspeaking part), Random Hearts, On Broadway, she appeared in the Tony Award-winning Side Man and in the revivals of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune opposite Stanley Tucci, and 'night, Mother opposite Brenda Blethyn.

Nudity and celebrity are clearly a potent combination, and not just for readers of the Star magazine.

Edith "Edie" Falco ( /ˈiːdi ˈfælkoʊ/; born July 5, 1963) is an American television, film and stage actress, known for her role in Oz as Diane Wittlesey and her roles as both Carmela Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos and the titular character on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie.

She is the first actress to win an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy as well as Outstanding Actress in a Drama.

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