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And to cast them, I’d pull from CW shows of the past, giving actors from former series another shot at TV fame.Note Although many of these actors are in the 20s and 30s, it doesn’t matter that they are playing characters with the names “boy”, “girl”, “lad” and “lass” in their names.Coleman (Arrow) When we first heard that FOX was making a Terminator series, we mostly groaned and rolled our eyes.It just sounded like a bad idea and a cynical ploy to capitalize on a flagging movie property.She has succeeded to the point that she is actually in medical school but now her family has let her down with their promise to help pay her tuition.

The Legion has already been hinted at by the appearance of a Legion Flight Ring in both century’s greatest heroes?

Jessica Lucas plays tenant Riley Richmond, a first-grade teacher who is in love with Jonah (Michael Rady).

Stephanie Jacobsen will portray medical student and tenant Lauren Yung who has to come up with a way to make money to pay for her education.

Summer Glau’s performance as Cameron changed a bit.

It’s the mark of a good show when, one by one, all of your issues are accounted for.

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] Laura Leighton returns to to reprise her role as Sydney Andrews, the landlady who seems to enjoy stabbing everyone she knows in the back.

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