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Steve-O posted a snap of himself with both arms in casts as he wrote: 'The pain only increased for the five days since I got burned, so I went to the hospital asking for a numbing burn cream.

'When they saw my burns they said I needed surgery, so that just happened.' He also posted a shot of an unnamed female keeping him company as they lay together in the hospital bed.

And on Friday he shared a video with TMZ that explains how he poured rocket engine fuel on himself for a new comedy special. In the clip Steve shows off the yellow boils that cover his arms.They are so large that they obscure some of the tattoos on his arms. The star is standing on the balcony of a home as he says, 'Its all over me, f***ing everywhere.'He is then seen inside the house talking to a man.'You haul out a rocket engine fuel, if you take that powder it's like a full explosion,' he says proudly of his stunt.Stephen Gilchrist Glover (born June 13, 1974), better known by his stage name Steve-O, is a British-American-Canadian actor, stunt performer, producer, comedian, author, musician, and clown.His entertainment career is mostly centered on his performance stunts on the American TV series Jackass, its related movies, and its spin-off series Wildboyz. He has a number of tattoos, which he refers to as "dumb tattoos", including a "Your Name" written on his right buttock (in order to say "I got your name tattooed on my ass") and arguably his most memorable, a portrait of himself which covers half of his back and sports the words "yeah dude, I rock!

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