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This file must contain header with fields names corresponding to the DDIC (fields names must be comma separated too). Test run uses a true MODIFY / DELETE statement but is followed by a Rollback. * Data DATA: it_dd03p TYPE TABLE OF dd03p, is_dd03p TYPE dd03p. concatenate 'Error: table' p_table &1 &2 into w_error separated by space.

DATA: it_rdata TYPE TABLE OF text1024, is_rdata TYPE text1024. DATA: it_file TYPE REF TO data, is_file TYPE REF TO data.

WHILE sy-subrc = 4 AND l_runtime =*&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Form FAKTURA_ANLEGEN_FUBAS *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* form faktura_anlegen_fubas using i_fkart TYPE FKART changing i_vbeln like LIKP-VBELN it_mail type tt_mail i_errmail type flag E_VBELN_vf TYPE VBELN_VF.

DATA: l_tname TYPE tabname, l_state TYPE ddgotstate, l_dd02v TYPE dd02v. CALL FUNCTION 'DDIF_TABL_GET' EXPORTING name = l_tname IMPORTING gotstate = l_state dd02v_wa = l_dd02v TABLES dd03p_tab = it_dd03p EXCEPTIONS illegal_input = 1 OTHERS = 2. write_error 'does not exist or is not active' space. IF l_dd02v-tabclass NE 'TRANSP' AND l_dd02v-tabclass NE 'CLUSTER'. A dialog module is an ABAP program with a sequence of screens.I need to update two information on one object: the quantity (PLAF-gsmng) and refresh the planned order via the module function 'MD_SET_ACTION_PLAF'. is_mdcd-GSMNG = 'value' "updated quantity value CALL FUNCTION 'MD_SET_ACTION_PLAF' EXPORTING iplnum = iv_plnum iaenkz = 'X' IVBKZ = 'X' imdcd = is_mdcd "filled with your BOME-related data new quantity TABLES TMDACCTO = lt_accto EXCEPTIONS illegal_interface = 1 system_failure = 2 error_message = 3. (Transaction VL02N) * * FUNCTIONALITY: * 1) The update will wait * 2) After recording the billing is created (V01) *__________________________________________________ data: l_mode type char1 value 'N', l_subrc like sy-subrc, l_errmail type flag. *__________________________________________________ refresh: gt_msg, gt_mail. *** (First wait for the update, and then examine the table KNA1) PERFORM wait_for_update_of_bel1 USING i_vbeln i_mblnr i_mjahr CHANGING l_subrc. *"------------------------------------------------ ---------------------- * "*" Local Interface: *" IMPORTING *" VALUE(I_VBELN) LIKE LIKP-VBELN *" VALUE(I_FKART) TYPE FKART DEFAULT 'ZF8D' *" VALUE(I_MJAHR) TYPE MKPF-MJAHR OPTIONAL *" VALUE(I_MBLNR) TYPE MKPF-MBLNR OPTIONAL *" EXPORTING *" VALUE(E_VBELN) TYPE VBELN_VF *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- * USE Fu Ba of: * Fu Ba is userexit form userexit_save_document (MV50AFZ1) * Called. "--- Update is not yet finished message e398 (00) with 'update was not finished.' (010) into gs_mail.

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