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A version can be found here while the "Royal Knights Origins" which makes up their backstories has an Archive of Our Own version here.Sadly, the later two have not been updated since sometime near January, 2016; though the story has continued on Space Battles. The Knights are in disarray, but a knight is still a knight, even if they were in a world that didn't make sense.It`s fine i was guessing at the end of the chapter but i still enjoy the stories as long as it doesn`t get boring. Is Captain even the proper title to give to someone like you?And Mako getting an Agumon is an intresting one and i can`t wait to meet Starmon`s tamer. ” the voice asked as its owner entered the building.“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

Aside from his charisma, Mikey has proven himself to be an excellent strategist, able to see through the plans of his enemies and counter them accordingly, making his presence a necessity for the team.

My continuation story of Digimon Tamers, I'm going to let everyone know, I am a huge Rukato fan. "(Theme Music)Digimon Tamers: Destiny 007: The Crest of Destiny."It's not going to happen no matter how hard he tries, he can take away our digivolution, we wont let him take Rika!

I would also like your opinions on my story, suggestions of things I can add, and I would like people to draw, or make art of, my characters, and I'll promote their art and a visual aid, if I like it. " Takato said furiously as he paced around, the people at the festival were panicking because of the fight that just occurred.

Yes, Mako, Ai and Susie will be getting a spin off story, Shi might also, and Mako will get goggles ^^. I have to let you know, because I see you are a Jurato and a, whatever Ryo and Rika is, fan, those couples wont last the season, cause I'm a Rukato fan, sorry if that makes you stop reading, but the way i view, your couples did happen, but your first love isn't always your last, and thanks, what do you think of what I did with Starmon and giving Mako an Augumon, and do you think Starmon will belong to the new primary tamer? Renamon and Terriermon ran up to their tamers."Takato calm down, don't worry, we're not going to let anything happen to our friends, you don't need to get so mad over this," Henry said Electos: First story freshmen year, ch 4 part 1Chapter 4: A Demon’s Heart The police station was oddly quiet, a phone rang occasionally but no sense of emergency ever arose.

Please comment[link] Chapter 2You asked for my imput Little bro, so here ot is: It's choppy and needs refinment much like the early stages of my writings, you need more connections between points and transitions between scenes, also describing the back ground the characters are in will help draw the picture in a readers head making them stay more interested, the overall story line seems alright and ill look into your other chapters to see how your transiting chapters and moving along with the plot..also switch back and forth between first person and second person, you start out in second, switch to first in the middle and then back towards the end, try to keep it in one or the other...lastly I know you might of changed her slightly but I don't like the fact you used my charecter and didn't put that you don't own her..know which one I'm talking about ... Hope you stay with the story even tho it supports Rukato. Abraham walked up to Amal, a look of worry on his face.“Sir, we’re getting reports of people being attacked by a mysterious figure,” Abraham said handing a piece of paper to Amal.“I bet it’s that damn kid again, always causing problems…” Amal said irritated.“No sir, the reports are saying that it is an adult,” Abraham answered, suddenly the doors to the agency flew open.“So, I hear you’ve been doing a pretty bad job at protecting your citizens, Captain Harod.

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