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I installed Kano OS 3.7.0 on a Raspberry Pi 3B first run it has several updates (to beta 3.8.0), which take a long time to run.If you want to keep Make Minecraft DO NOT UPDATE Kano OS to 3.8.0 at this time.The most significant update I noticed is a total replacement of Make Minecraft with Hack Minecraft.The underlying concept of learning by using a block-based programming language remains, but the tasks are different, and there doesn't appear to be any way to easily see the Python code.In your quest to find interesting things to blog about, you may want to consider blogging about The News.Sure, there are loads of ways to create great content — interviews, tips, opinion pieces, research and so on, but blogging about news items can be particularly useful.To 'burn' your feed at feedburner goto and paste your blog URL into the text box provided and click on Next. Feedburner takes blog feeds modifies them according to the settings you specify and passes them onto the readers.

But if you’re serious about blogging about stuff that happens that is relevant to your blog, many times you will find yourself drawn to finding more and more things to read.Why News is Good for your blog First, because it can be an easy way of injecting fresh content — particularly if its a unique tidbit that no one knows; second, because when done well, you can demonstrate your own thought leadership in a given category; and third, it provides the opportunity to get The Scoop — the first blog to recognize a particular bit of news, and the potential for being explosively linked to (i.e. And quite frankly, mainstream news organizations do this.“link bait”), bringing traffic, comments, all of those precious inbound links, and the recognition that your site has done well. In fact, most “news” is simply repeated ad nauseum between different networks and across different media (think about how many stories are going to be repeated in your local television news casts).This is good, because you’ll start getting a feel for who the main players in any given industry are; what their positions are for popular issues; and over time, you’ll start developing a sense of context and history of events that play out.All of these things will help you write intelligently once you actually find news. How is it possible to read hundreds of websites a day?

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