The dating of revelation

The angel Gabriel told Daniel that the 70 weeks were to end with the destruction of Jerusalem (Dan.

-27); that period would also serve to “seal up the vision and prophecy.” In other words, special revelation would stop by the time Jerusalem was destroyed.

Finally, John repeatedly makes the point that the great tribulation he describes “must shortly come to pass” (Rev. This was a comfort for persecuted Christians: deliverance was at hand!

“ Shortly” does not mean a quarter of a century laterlet alone 1900-plus years later!

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First, let me say this: it’s instructive to note that the late dating for Revelation is largely dependant on a single — and markedly ambiguous — sentence in the writings of a church father named Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons. If this is true, then the expectation is that the “ Great Tribulation” described in the book was far off in the futuremaybe in our own time.But a candid look at the evidence requires a date shortly prior to 70 when Jerusalem and the temple were utterly destroyed, as Jesus prophesied would happen in the “ Little Apocalypse,” Matthew chapter twenty-four. Revelation 1-11 alludes frequently to the fall of Jerusalem.We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your selection of the latest addition to the growing family of Revelation Accounting products - a range that we consider to be one of the most exciting and innovative locally developed Business Systems to be released into the South African market in recent years. When updating your system in the future, remember to select this option again to find out about what changes and additions have been made to REVELATION.NOTE: Some topics listed here may NOT apply to all the versions of Revelation for Windows.

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