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Could you also inform me about this issue (during User Update I do not update password and I have to keep the user's password in the database). Entity Classes: // Get the existing student from the db var user = (Student)User Manager. Id); // Update it with the values from the view model user.

Just change the first line as var user = User Manager.

This tutorial series demonstrates basic aspects of using model binding with an ASP. Model binding makes data interaction more straight-forward than dealing with data source objects (such as Object Data Source or Sql Data Source).

This series starts with introductory material and moves to more advanced concepts in later tutorials.

Within that method, you provide the logic for interacting with the data.

This tutorial builds on the project created in the first part of the series. The downloadable code works with either Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013.

I'm afraid this is outside from my area of knowledge, maybe someone else will help you, good luck (I've tried my best, but since I can't test, I believe you that it's not working, so I'm going to delete the answer in a minutes). I solved the problem with the help of your valuable helps.

I have searched a solution of this problem for days but no proper solution :(((Then may be the problem is with the User Manager.

NET is an open source web framework for building modern web apps and services with . For this reason I had to convert this instance to Student (in order to access Number property). Actually I had tried the same way as you mentioned, but in this case the problem is that: there is no Number property in user instance.I had a similar experience, and it was because I hadn't pinned my runtime version in the project, meaning that when I recompiled after updating to MVC 1.1.3, it compiled against the 1.1.2 runtime as it was the latest one on my machine.Azure App Service hadn't yet been updated with the new runtime yet at that point, so my site failed to start up when the updated version was published.

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But no way to solve the problem :( Any other solution?

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